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Adult Softball League Information

No Pets are allowed in Houston Sportsplex

2017 Houston Sportsplex League Fees


Effective: 1/01/17


Softball League Fee: Men's $415.00  Coed $415.00


Double Umpires: $20 per game (11 Games Per Season) –  $220


Single Umpire: $26 per game


2017 USSSA Sanction: $30 (annually per team)


Each season (6 Weeks) consists of 5 weeks of double-headers, the 6th week is a single elimination playoffs which ALL teams participate in. T-Shirts will be given to the playoff champion in each league.


Deposit Is Required:


$100 Deposit is required to hold a spot for all leagues.

This fee will be applied to the league fee balance. Once schedule is posted Deposit non-refundable.


League Fees:



Late League Fee Late Charge

Please understand that all team fees are due by week 2 in full. Coaches understand that should my team fail to pay the team fee by week 2 deadline date, a $50 late charge will be added to the team’s balance due. All fees including late fee are due before week 3 or they will be removed from the league and the team will be suspended from the park.


2017 Houston Sportsplex Forfeit Policy


When a team forfeits a game, the team that forfeited is responsible to pay the officials for both teams ($40) for that game. If you have pre-paid officials, then your team would be responsible for ($20) the additional umpire fee before your next game.


If your team forfeits a game, you will be required to put up a $100 forfeit deposit which would be refundable at the end of the season.



Gate Fees Changes for 2017:


League Play-Sunday Night thru Friday Night:


 All persons over the age of 12 --$3.00 entry fee. A token will be given for $1 off any item at the concession stand.


HSP Softball News

CLICK HERE FOR 2016 HSP League Rules

HSP Softball Leagues Start Dates

Sunday Night:April 9th, 2017 

Tuesday Night: March 14th, 2017

Wednesday Night March 15th, 2017

Thursday Night: April 13th , 2017

Friday Night: March 10th, 2017

All league and tournament play will follow USSSA.

****Rule Change****


Houston Sportsplex will be implementing a new pitching rule effective immediately.

Strike Zone Mat: A strike zone mat will be used. The rectangular mat will be 20” wide and 35” in length. The mat is placed up to and around home plate and be aligned with the front edge of home plate.

DEFENSE: A defensive player making a play at Home Plate must touch the regular home plate to make a play.

OFFENSE: An offense runner MUST touch the regular homeplate.

Any legal pitch that strikes any portion of the black mat will be called a strike. If the pitch hit the home plate or doesn’t strike the black mat, the pitch will be called a ball. If the pitch touches black and home plate it is a strike. As long as it touches any part of the strike mat it will be called a strike.

Legal Pitch: The pitched ball must arc at least 3ft after leaving the pitcher’s hand and before it reaches any part of home plate. The pitched ball shall not rise higher than 10ft from the ground.

Defense teams may not change pitchers nor change any fielder once the clock has turned to 1 minute (ie last 2 minutes of the game.) The penalty will be to play another inning.  Offensive team batter or base runner may not cause an automatic out by stepping on neither home plate nor a base runner leaving early once the clock has turned to 1 minute (ie 2 minutes left in the game). The penalty will be end of the game. No new inning may start.

Middle Rule

·Any batted ball that in the umpire’s judgment that goes between the mark lines is a dead ball out. All runners return to the base they occupied prior to that batter.

         Legal Bat Rule

·All bats must have the 2012 USSSA 1.20 BPF fingerprint stamp or 2000 / 2004 ASA stamped are legal.


CLICK HERE FOR 2016 HSP League Rules


Men's Recreation Leagues

Sunday-Monday-Wednesday-Thursday- Friday


Co-Ed Recreation Leagues



The following park rules are strictly enforced:

  • All persons using or visiting this facility do so at their own risk.

  • The owner, management, and employees are not responsible for any injuries.

  • No alcohol or illegal drugs shall be brought onto the premises.

  • No weapons or firearms shall be brought onto the premises.

  • No pets (Other than seeing eye dogs) are permitted onto the premises.

  • No bicycles, roller blades or skateboards onto the premises.

  • No coolers or drinks can be brought onto the premises.

  • No food or snacks of any kind can be brought onto the premises.

  • For safety concerns, all children must be supervised.

  • Everyone parks in the front main parking lot.

Click Here to See the Rain Out Policy

Gate Fees 2017:


League Play-Sunday Night thru Friday Night: All persons over the age of 12 --$3.00. 

A token will be given for $1 off at the concession stand.


Saturday Play: All persons over the age of 12 --$5.00


Group Functions:


Houston Sportsplex is available for group parties or company functions. You can rental by the hour or by the function. Call for more information. Special Catering and Entertainment available through our staff.

For more information call 713-726-9977.